Eura Elga of Conanga 9109 - dam of Milestone

Eura Elga of Conanga 9109 - dam of Milestone



DOB: 9/2/2017
REGISTRATION #: 19167792
SIRE: SAV Sensation 5615
DAM: Eura Elga of Conanga 9109

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We are excited about our newest herd sire!
Milestone is sired by the phenotype king and female maker, SAV Sensation 5615. Sensation topped Schaff’s 2016 sale at $650,000. Milestone’s  dam is the famous Eura Elga of Conanga 9109. Her impressive progeny includes Connealy Black Granite, Connealy  Concord and Connealy Western Cut.

We used Milestone for both AI and natural service this past spring and we can’t wait to see his first calves next spring!



DOB: 2/19/2015
REGISTRATION #: 18200213
SIRE: Vision Unanimous 1418
DAM: S Lady Ann 8384

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We like the outcross pedigree that S Fountaion 514 has to offer. His performance and phenotype are easy to admire and his calves sure seem to be following suit. They hit the ground running and are powerful standouts from day one. Our first sons out of him will sell in our 2019 production sale.

Ellingson Drover 6034.jpg

Ellingson Drover 6034

DOB: 2/20/2016
REGISTRATION #: 18543120
SIRE: CTS Remedy 1T01
DAM: EA Primrose 9155

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Ellingson Drover 6034 was another outcross sire for us and we haven’t been disappointed. We like his combination of calving-ease and functionality. He represents the type of easy keeping cattle that we want to produce. He throws calves with tremendous eye appeal and structure.


Ellingson Homestead 6030

DOB: 2/20/2016
REGISTRATION #: 18543019
SIRE: CTS Remedy 1T01
DAM: EA Erica 1082

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We chose Homestead as an AI sire because we liked the functionality and performance he brings to the table. His spread from birth to weaning is impressive - 74 lb birthweight with a weaning weight of 925 lbs! His sons have been a highlight of the Ellingson Angus Sale in St. Anthony, North Dakota. Look for Homestead’s progeny to improve structure, longevity and overall eye appeal in your herd.



Hilltop Final Option 5297

DOB: 2/22/2015
REGISTRATION #: 18282850
SIRE: Carter Final Option 201
DAM: Hilltop Shoshone 273

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Hilltop Final Option 5297 was our top pick in the 2016 Hilltop Angus Ranch sale for $17,000. He was chosen for his phenotype and performance. We really like the maternal power behind this bull as well. In Hilltop’s 2017 sale, 5297’s dam produced Hilltop Allied 6262 - the $40,000 top selling, Genex roster member to Hollowtop Angus at Pony, MT.


Hilltop Prairie Pride 4677

DOB: 3/05/2017
REGISTRATION #: 18882415
SIRE: Prairie Pride Premium 407
DAM: Hilltop Perfection MP 410

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Our $16,000 pick from the 2018 sale of Hilltop Angus Ranch from Denton, Montana. This bull kept catching our eye at the feedlot and we really liked what Corey had to say about his dam. She’s a Connealy Black Granite daughter that checks all the boxes for docility, udder quality, depth of body and strong hip. 4677’s sire, Prairie Pride Premium 407, is a Hilltop Angus Ranch herd sire favorite that goes back to Plattemere Weigh Up K306. We’ve used 4677 natural service for the last two years we weaned his first calf crop the fall of 2019. We can’t wait to see his progeny’s performance!

21AR Emulation 7172

DOB: 2/22/2017
REGISTRATION #: 18942061
SIRE: Sinclair Emulation XXP
DAM: 21AR Blackbird 4140

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We selected this sire in the 2018 sale of 21 Angus Ranch in New England, North Dakota. We were impressed with his individual performance - he posted a 78 lb birthweight and a 205 weight of 769 lbs. His sire, Sinclair Emulation XXP has a strong maternal background and produces the type of cattle that are productive in practical environments. We’ve used 7172 natural service the past two seasons and we are excited to see how his first calves perform this winter!