Our Program


 Jeff’s involvement in the registered Angus business started in the early 1990s when his dad gave him the pick of a couple heifers purchased from Westwind Angus and Flesch Angus. From those heifers, Jeff grew his cow numbers throughout the years to build the foundation of our herd today.  
Christie grew up in the Bear Paw Mountains, southeast of Big Sandy, MT on a commercial cow-calf operation. Jeff was raised on the family farm in Harlem and later moved to Chinook. We were married in September of 2009 and have two children, Charley Anne (8) and Tyson (6).
Growing up within the ag industry taught us the fundamentals of hard-work, dedication and respect.  Our goal is to raise our children to understand the value of good cattle and an honest day’s work.  We are grateful for our family and friends that have supported us throughout the years and continue to do so today.


Our hay base is on the family farm in Harlem which is owned with Jeff’s brother, Mike and their uncle, Jim. Mike runs the farm in Harlem and helps us out with feeding and snow removal in the winter. The farm was started by Jeff’s grandparents and expanded by Jeff’s dad throughout the years. Started mainly as a sheep operation, the farm is now used to raise alfalfa and grass hay, barley and oats by flood irrigation.  Along with our registered herd and the farm in Harlem, we operate an irrigated farm and commercial cow calf operation between Chinook and Harlem

We are it – we don’t have any hired labor or extra hands on a daily basis. Therefore, our cattle have to be easy to handle and manage. Our family and friends help us out during sale time and throughout the year as needed. All of our marketing material is designed by Christie through her freelance design business, 5N Designs LLC. Everything from our print ads, sale catalogs, website and social media marketing is produced in-house. 

Our Cattle

NA Foundation 809 with his first calf heifer dam.

NA Foundation 809 with his first calf heifer dam.

We strive to raise functional cattle with muscle and maternal strength that are easy fleshing and easy calving. We also place a lot of importance on structural correctness, carcass traits and good dispositions. Our herd traces back to reputable programs that include Sitz Angus, Flesch Angus,

Stevenson’s Diamond Dot, Basin Angus, Gartner-Denowh Angus, and Rishel Angus. In the last few years, we’ve gone back and incorporated more of the foundation style bloodlines into our herd with sires like SAV Registry and SAV Recharge. We’ve been really happy with how the progeny from those sires has performed. This year’s crop features calves out of S Foundation 514, Ellingson Drover 6034, TLC Copywright 358, Hilltop Final Option 5297 and more. 

Our cattle are not pampered. They are managed the same as any commercial herd. Our environment is known for its extremes - bitter cold in the winter and often dry, hot weather throughout the summer. We winter in the Milk River Valley, forcing our cattle to endure the biting cold that is often the result of high humidity and blustery conditions. Our summer pastures are made up of rolling hills and flats. In the hot days of summer, our cattle don’t have any trees to offer shade or shelter from the elements. Since our cattle are able to adapt and perform in these diverse conditions, we feel they are equipped to thrive in any environment they are exposed to.

We thank you for your interest in our program and invite you to stop by and see our cattle anytime!